What are good apps to track locations of mobile employees of an enterprise?

Tracking mobile members of the team is an important part of making sure they are managed as effectively ad the rest of the team. Managing employees isn’t all about keeping them in check. It is about knowing their inputs and being able to support their growth and development. So, an app that allows your mobile team to check in when they start work, and one that will track their location at work, is a great idea. After all, you are paying their wages, so want to know that they are producing the goods.

And the best of these apps on the market today is SINC Free Employee Time Clock. This is the ultimate app that tracks the location of your mobile employees to –

  • Track their movements in work
  • Produce payroll
  • Keep them safe

Knowing where your team are will help you to support their role in all of these ways.


We all know that mobile staff have a certain degree of freedom with their work. And tracking doesn’t completely remove this. There is still that level of trust between employer and employee. But what this does is add an extra level of accountability to their role. Just doing enough to hit sales targets is a thing of the past with an app like SINC.


Let’s be honest – payroll can be a real drag with mobile teams. Having them send reports of their time uses up precious hours in your week. How about having this automated? SINC – Time Clock does all of this processing for you, so you can relax knowing this is taken care of and will leave you extra time to delight your customers or work on your business.


We should never underestimate this side of the business. SINC has the added functionality that your mobile team can report any incidents or problems to keep them safe. Along with the fact that you can see their movements, this allows you to protect the people in your care.

Discover the many benefits of getting good auto insurance

Cheap insurance is no longer hard to find. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. The days of insurance monopolies are over. There was a time when a few large insurance companies shaped the nature, direction, and policy of all insurance companies. That is no longer the case. Smaller, more agile and customer-centered insurance companies have emerged. They are for the most part online. However, they can help individuals find the maryland auto insurance coverage they need.

You are the best judge of the kind of insurance you require. You have a better understanding of your life, habits, and financial situation than some bureaucrat in a large company. It is therefore up to you to choose the kind of protection and coverage you want. It is up to you to determine how much you actually afford to pay the insurance company every month. The best auto insurance companies are able to offer you a range of plans and policies. They are indeed able to customize your insurance plan so that is suits the reality of your life.

When you get into trouble, your insurance company should be there to help. The entire purpose of an insurance company is to help offset the financial impact of a car accident. If you are ever held liable for such an accident, you don’t want to be put in a situation in which you are forced to pay for damages. This is something your insurance company should be able to do. And you can get a policy that obligates them to come to your financial rescue if such a thing ever happens.

The monthly premium is the big thing on every car owners mind. This is a perfectly legitimate concern. Monthly bills are rising for everyone. With everything else you have to pay, you should not bind yourself to auto insurance coverage that takes too large of a chunk from your pay check. The auto insurance company you work with should be able to offer you a good deal on the package you eventually agree to. It should offer all the coverage you think you will need.

The cost of your auto insurance can be lowered if you opt for group coverage. You should have the option of putting your children or spouse on the insurance or taking out separate policies for them at a reduced cost. Many insurance companies are offering such deals because they realize that people want them.

The insurance protection you get should cover a wide range of scenarios and possibilities. You cannot anticipate what will happen on the road, so it is better for you to be safe rather than sorry. The last thing you want to do is have an accident and then find out that your insurance does not cover the particular situation you are in. There should be no surprises. You should know exactly what will happen if you are in a car wreck. You should have complete trust and confidence in your insurance company.

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Key Benefits of Online Bike Insurance Renewal

The Indian law makes it compulsory to get your vehicle insured using third party insurance. This type of insurance encompasses the bodily damages/property damage, caused by your vehicle to a third party. The default policy for the two-wheeler will be expiring after a year and renewal should be done for getting coverage consistently. It is crucial to ensure timely renewal of your bike insurance with the best two wheeler insurance, and it also has many advantages. Besides ensuring a sense of security, online bike insurance renewal also lets you choose the best plan according to your needs

It is mandatory to have a motor insurance policy for every individual who owns a two-wheeler or car as per Motor Vehicle Act of India. Statistics reveal that though a majority of consumers’ dream of buying a two-wheeler, but most people neglect the insurance part once it is under possession. They forget to buy a motor insurance policy that protects them from a wide range of unforeseen problems, such as accidents, burglary, theft, and so on. The best two wheeler insurance lets you avail maximum protection for a two-wheeler from unforeseen events is to buy a motorbike insurance policy online. One must also not lose sight of the fact that bike insurances are annual contracts and requires to be renewed every year. This will ensure protection against third party claims in case of any accident and help you stay protected in terms of finances as well as health in case of accidents, natural calamities, and if the vehicle gets totalled. Thanks to the current era of digitization, online bike insurance renewal is just a few clicks away. The process is not only quick but also hassle-free.

The following are the major benefits of renewing your policy online-

  1. You can renew the policy online since the previous information has already been keyed into your database. This is a simple task that can be accomplished based on your convenience.
  2. You will instantaneously get your policy and the signed copy of the same will be given to you digitally in the form of a PDF file. You can either save it on your computer or print out the same for future reference.
  3. Selection of coverage- though a third party insurance is mandatory for two wheelers, the owner can opt for comprehensive coverage to protect self and the vehicle in the case of some unforeseen mishap. Online policy renewal also allows you to go for additional coverage for pillion rider and zero depreciation or enhanced coverage for accessories and spare parts. You can weigh the pros and cons of the riders and its benefits along with the costs, and then settle for the plan which best suits your needs.
  4. Getting the best quote- now with the facility of bike insurance online renewal being offered, it is easy to compare the various plans available and then choose the one that promises the best features according to your cost-benefit analysis. You no longer need to depend only on your advisor, and verify the best quote instead for absolute reliability.
  5. Avail discount- insurance companies that are approved by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority provide discounts on premium if you have installed certain devices such an anti-theft system. You can avail this discount at the time of online renewal. Since all the options are open in front of you, you can take the call entirely according to your preference and suitability.

Besides, some insurers provide the facility of cashless repair if mentioned in the renewal policy. Renewing your insurance policy online will not require inspections or other documentation if you do this within a period of 90 days. Also, bike insurance policy online renewal lets you take advantage of online premium calculator. The factors which determine the premium include, Insured Declared Value of the vehicle, cubic capacity, and zone of registration and age of the two wheeler.

Thus, online renewal offers the benefit of competitive rates and hassle-free transaction experience.

Discover the many benefits of getting good quality insurance

You must have auto insurance. It is a legal requirement. The good news is that you no longer have a limited selection of companies to choose from. Over the years, a number of web-based auto insurance have emerged. They are lean, flexible, and customer-focused. They are not bound to the old establishment. Instead, they offer policies that reflect the needs, preferences, and circumstances of people’s lives. You will no longer have to pay higher premiums just because you happen to fall into some generic group. Your policy can be tailored to fit the age and risk group.

Indeed, this is what mainly drives the insurance industry. Insurance is based on risk. You get to pool your resources with those of other drivers. The particulars of your life and experience will determine the amount of money you have to pay into the pool. The great advantage of having insurance is that it helps protect you against financial disaster when the worst happens.

You may be the most careful and conscientious driver on the road. However, you cannot be sure about others. Even if you get into an accident that is not your fault, you will need to cover bills. You may not be in a financial position that allows you to do that in the amounts required. That is why you want the kind of insurance company that will be there for you when you need them.

The best auto insurance companies in pa provide you with extensive and effective service. After your accident, you may not be in a state of mind that allows you to think clearly. You want to know that an honest and trustworthy person has your back. You want to ensure that the company you are working with has your best interests in mind. This is no minor thing when it comes to insurance. If there ever comes a day that you actually require insurance money, it will probably be one of the worst days of your life. You want to work with a company that you are fully confident will be there and that will be helpful when that time comes.

The vendor you work with should have a record and reputation for delivering excellent products and nothing less than outstanding customer service. Cost also matters. You should not have to pay exorbitant premiums and deductibles. The insurance you take out should reflect what you are able to afford. If your insurance bills are eating through most of your take home pay, something is wrong. You should work with an auto insurance company that can provide you with a plan that better suits your budget.

You take safety on the road quite seriously. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of everyone else. This is why you need insurance. It is there to protect you in case the worst thing happens. You should get insurance that is affordable and that offers a range of services and solutions. You should be completely comfortable with the people you work with and the insurance policy you have.
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5 easy and powerful Excel functions that maybe they did not know

We all know that Excel is full of tons of powerful functions, formula libraries, and interesting tables galleries, which makes it one of the most useful tools for business analysts. I believe that, among Excel’s great secrets, there are some that are easy to use and that can add value to your work. Let’s see these functions, which I like to call ripe fruit, which include Sparklines, Conditional Format, Cutters and some simple but useful formulas that may not have been discovered.


Sparklines, presented for the first time in Excel 2010, are tables that provide a simple visualization of the representation of trends through a row of your data, in a simple cell of the spreadsheet. Sparklines offers excellent space savings on jammed spreadsheets and can be quite intuitive for the amount of space used. This feature is incredibly fascinating and very easy to use. However, not many analysts take advantage of these small and powerful tables.

To create your own Sparklines, select the range of data and on the ribbon click on Insert and then select the type of Sparklines, Line, Column or Win / Loss. Next, insert the range where you want the Sparkline to be displayed. That’s all there is to do.

Conditional format

The options available in the Conditional Format function allow them to quickly create indicator maps and convert a data table into a continuous spectrum of colors for a deep visual analysis. This is a simple and effective way to explore your data and find interesting patterns.

Below is a map of indicators where the color scale option was applied literally in ten seconds from the same sales data used in the Sparklines example above, to illustrate the large (dark green) and low (white) Sales data through products and time.

To create the map with the help of the Conditional Format, select the raw data and then, in the ribbon below the Main Menu , click on Conditional Format> Color Scale and then select a color scale. You can also adjust the color options by just editing the format rule.

SMALL and BIG functions

While everyone knows MAX and MIN functions, very few take advantage of the BIG and SMALL functions that help them find the first, second or largest (or smallest) value in their data.

With the help of the same sales data as in the examples above, the GRANDE functions allow us to quickly identify the maximum of two products for each month in our data. See the examples below, already finished with the help of INDEX and MATCH, two other super useful functions to analyze.

Remove duplicates

There are many constants in corporate life and cleaning and organizing data is one of them. Removing Duplicates, is a feature presented in Excel 2007, remains one of my favorites. It is very easy to use and solves an important problem that we all face, duplicate data.

Just select the data and then, on the ribbon below Data , click on the Duplicate Remover button , and see how Excel cleans your data. It’s that easy.


Imagine the Cutters as visual filters that help to reduce the subsets of data, and visualize them (even in raw data formats or through a connected table). The Cutters were presented in Excel 2010 and became even better in Excel 2013.

For example, we can create an interactive graphic of trends quickly with the help of the cutters. When presenting the sales data, we can now alternate between different products with the help of the same table.

To add a cutter in your Excel 2013 tables, select the range of data you want to use as a filter. For the example above, we choose the Product column. After everything is ready!

To play with the interactive table and see more of this technique, you can Download  Microsoft Excel.

11 Tips For An Affordable Car Insurance In Pennsylvania

Insurance is an essential requirement for any vehicle owner. However, it does not mean that you have to spend so much for coverage. Consider the following strategies to help you reduce your premium and get access to lower rates.

Vehicle Selection

Car owners need to recognize that comprehensive and collision coverage varies depending on the model and make of a vehicle. Newer models might require you to spend more for coverage. That is why Pennsylvania car insurance companies advice factoring in insurance computations when buying an expensive vehicle.

Compare Quotes

Another strategy features comparing quotes from different companies. Shopping around for coverage and premiums can offer insights about the type you can get. Through research, you also get the chance to view comparison websites and determine which prices match your budget.

Monitor Credit Score

Insurance companies can also check your credit score to determine rates. People with low credit rating can likely expect to receive a higher insurance premium. That is why it is crucial to settle bills on time and make regular checks to determine irregularities.

Try to Avoid Lapses

Pennsylvania car insurance companies will advise you to check your premium continuously. It is essential to keep your coverage up-to-date. Lapses can disqualify you from getting discounts. If you are switching, make sure to obtain new coverage first before letting go of the old one.

Assess Payment Terms

Before signing your car insurance, make sure to check about payment terms. You can either pay in full or through installments. Note that each approach has specific benefits and disadvantages. For instance, it is better to pay in full because of the additional administration charges. However, car owners can make use of flexible terms for premiums priced higher.

Group Insurance

Discounts can apply to specific groups. Some car owners can be a part of particular professions or organizations. Before signing your premium, try to inquire whether you qualify for these discounts. Pennsylvania car insurance can supply you with a list.

Pay Higher Deductibles

Car owners can also opt to pay higher deductibles for a chance to lower their insurance premiums. It only means that when someone files a claim, you need to pay more. The value of the approach focuses on your ability to save up for potential cost when you encounter an accident or issue.

Remove Specific Coverage

Removing particular insurance coverage can reduce your cost significantly. If you have an old car, for instance, you can do away with collision or comprehensive insurance. Instead, you can get coverage for third-party liability and other parts your old vehicle needs.

Low Mileage

Vehicle owners with low mileage can access additional reduction with their insurance policy. You can avail of such markdown when the annual mileage is lower than standard. Make sure to ask about these features and determine the discount you can get from a specific provider.

Explore Other Discounts

Budget-conscious car owners should also inquire about other discounts that can lower their premium. Try to explore options that you can remove or deduct. Keep in mind however that focusing on discounts alone should not be your focus. Instead, try to assess rates and compare with other providers. It is an effective way to distinguish price points.

Assess Annual Cost

Lastly, you should assess the annual cost of your vehicle insurance. It is the time of the year where you need to review rates. Assess whether your current situation still matches the coverage of your policy. Do not hesitate to haggle or seek lower prices from other providers.

The Bottom Line

The suggestions above indicate that there are many ways to lower the cost of your vehicle insurance. All you need to do is make an effort to understand your current needs and shop for providers that can give you the best deals without sacrificing your budget.

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CRM for Sales Department

Increase in revenue is directly connected with management and control of the sales department. To make a work of employees in the public eye, and the head could operate effectively process and correct it, sales force automation is necessary.

The needs for CRM for sales department arise when the owner and heads begin to realize the next 4 moments:

  1. when processing of the arriving flow of applications leads there is no system of registration so addresses begin to be lost;
    2. the tasks set according to transactions aren’t carried out or carried out with a delay as a result of forgetfulness of managers;
    3. in conflict situations with buyers and sellers it is impossible to listen to record of telephone conversation;
    4. it is impossible to trace statistics on the made actions of employees: quantity of calls and their duration.

These 4 complexities arising at a certain stage of development of business are just first triggers. Actually, to introduce Customer Relationship Management System for department, you shouldn’t even wait for them. It is very local approach.

Customer Relationship Management System for sales department is very powerful tool and leads to increase in revenue. The effect of her introduction averages 30%.
Customer Relationship Management System for department solves 3 global purposes.


And also growth of loyalty of regular customers. It occurs due to the maximum working off of base. Clever software just won’t allow to forget about the transaction and will save information on all contacts on the application. The correct control allows one manager to work along with 400 clients and promotes growth of a turn, at least, for 30%.


Many processes have to be automated: lead generation and starting transactions on each application, distribution of leads, correspondence, sending accounts/offers, etc. Customer Relationship Management System for department carries out all this with ease. It will signal to the head if the task of the transaction “has hanged” at any stage, will send a reminder to the buyer on behalf of the seller, will promote creation of wow-effect when tells the employee that the recipient has opened the letter and now it is a high time to call him.

How and Where to Buy Gold Coins

Gold is one of mankind’s longest-living assets and there’s nothing like the feeling of holding it in your hands. Owning gold coins is a very popular way of investing as it has a number of advantages, as well as being a natural hedge against the stock market. If you’re new to this form of investment, this article will help you decide how and where to buy them. With these simple guidelines you’ll be ready to get in touch with Indigo Precious Metals and make your first purchase.

The Best Places to Buy Gold Coins

Most gold coin purchases are made at a local coin shop or online. You’re likely to get a better price if you buy online even if you allow for shipping costs. This is because the overheads of a bricks and mortar shop are going to be much higher. However, both options have their pros and cons.

Online Dealers

The risk with this option is that you have to pay upfront. It’s then all down to trust that you’ll get what you paid for. Choose a well-established dealer, such as Indigo Precious Metals, and this won’t be a problem. The advantage of buying online is that prices tend to be cheaper. You may also find you have a wider selection of gold coins to choose from.

Local Dealer

When you buy from a local dealer you are able to walk out of the shop with your purchase straightaway. There are no shipping or insurance fees and privacy is better. The downside of this type of purchase is that premiums will often be higher when buying and lower when selling. A local dealer will usually have a very limited choice.

Factors to Bear in Mind When Making Your Purchase

When looking to buy gold coins there are several factors you need to bear in mind. To start with you should compare prices. However, price is not the only consideration to bear in mind. Other things to consider include:

  • Variety of payment methods
  • Total cost including commission, shipping, insurance and payment fees
  • Does the dealer have a good reputation?
  • Is there a buyback policy?
  • Is there a returns policy?

Aside from a local dealer and online, there are a few more places you can buy gold coins. TV shopping channels often have ads, but these are usually a more expensive way to buy. eBay is another option and many people find it very convenient and shipping is often free. Coin shows is another option worth mentioning. However, these types of shows tend to focus more on collectable gold coins rather than bullion.

Using the invoice software with the best features loaded

Are you planning to install an invoicing software but not really sure how does it work? If yes, then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up. Before you choose any particular invoicing software it is important for you to be clear about its purpose, the reason why you must go ahead with such option and whether choosing such option makes any real sense or not. This is one efficient tool provided you have the team to understand how it really works. This way it can reduce the risks of any kind of error plus it can help you come up on the most efficient conclusion without any kind of problem.

Understanding more about the invoicing software:

This is one tool that automatically creates the invoices by which the payment for the product and service is facilitated. It creates ample of services and products lists that corresponds to the price and accordingly sends it out to the customer. While you start looking up for the billing software for start-up agency, it is important that you understand that this is one efficient tool that is used by creating some of the best templates and which even makes the process a lot more simple and easy to understand.

Ideally, the definition of such software is often interchanged with that of the functionality of the billing since it comes with the similar type of end result. It eventually promotes the payment for you as the service or say the product provider. The list of invoice for the services and the products is sent to the clients that includes the amount they need to pay to the business. This way, such type of bill invoice comes indifferent sizes and forms which are hard written or created by the software.

Ample of features and great purpose:

No doubt that choosing the best software for start-up agency is important since, it comes with ample of options and features. This type of software is loaded with a lot many advantages for the users but more basically it is used for eliminating the data entry to be done at manual level, then automate the tasks to be done on the routine basis and making sure that the figures of the accounting are appropriate. Besides the right accounting process are considered to be of prime importance and this is often the role of the software because of which all sorts of errors are eliminated while the accounting figures that you see are accurate.

Talking about the feature, such tool is loaded with some of the best ones that includes the creation of customer records, creation of new invoice, templates to be designed, processing of the credit card to be done and even the predefined templates with multiple currency setting to be done. Besides, it focuses on other factors such as generating tax report and even sending or receiving the information as and when required.

No doubt that it gives precise details in less span of time but make sure when it comes to choosing the right tool for your start-up, you give enough of time to cooperate and grab the best possible deal.

Expert Tips To Reclaim Your PPI In An Easy Manner

Before moving ahead with our discussion regarding making claims for PPI, we first need to be clear about the idea of PPI. What PPI is and what it is meant for? Well, PPI stands for Payment protection insurance. It was primarily sold with the aim to the borrowers of the loans; mortgages etc. in order to ensure that they could keep making the repayments in an unobstructed and timely manner even if there is a change in the source of their income due to certain reasons such as loss or change of job or illness. This type of insurance was basically sold along with credit cards, loans and mortgages.

However, due to certain reasons, the selling of this insurance to people resulted in mis-selling of the same. That is why, large number of people now need to reclaim PPI so that they may get back their money. Number of financial institutes or agencies are there that offer help and assistance in accomplishing this task on behalf of their clients in lieu of some amount of fee. Luckily, you may save this money by reclaiming your PPI for free in an easy manner with the help of some expert tips as given below. Have a look.

Check your loan or mortgage for PPI

It is one of the most important steps to reclaim PPI. After all, you can make any claim if PPI was actually sold along with your loan, mortgage etc. to you. For this, you need to check the related documents and also contact the lender so as to confirm about PPI with your loan. This, in turn, makes you eligible for making any claims. You may look for terms such as ‘cover’, ‘protection cover’ etc. on the original paperwork of the loan to affirm this point well.

Collect all documents together

Once you have confirmed about PPI on your loan, credit card of a mortgage, you need to collect all the documents together. You must take and collect all the copies of the original loan agreements, statements, or any correspondence between you and your creditor and any other related documents. It helps in facilitating the entire task of claim making.

Contact the financial service provider

When you are ready with all the documents then you need to contact your creditor or the financial service provider from which you bought the mortgage or the loan approved originally. It is because you need to start with the compensation request with the actual financial service provider and also let it know about the claim making so that it may be able to respond to your requests or queries quickly and in a timely manner.

Fill in the claim making letter online

One of the most important points regarding claim making for PPI is to fill in the claim making letters online. There are number of websites available on the internet wherein you will come across template letters for claim making. By filling in the requisite information, you can make your claim easily.

By following these expert tips, you can successfully reclaim PPI without the need to pay anything to anyone.