9 reasons you need a sales forecasting CRM

Sales are pivotal to measure the success and failure of every business. It tells the business position in the market, measures the employee pay scale, covers operating expenses, and helps to attract investors. Having realizedits importance, every business comes up with a way of measuring their future sales which they call “sales forecasting.” An accurate sales forecast provides a realistic outlook ofthe future. So, authorities can improve their strategic plans by increasing their knowledge of the market place. It is a self-assessment tool that utilizes the sales trend of past and current statistics to predict future performance.

Integration of Customer Resource Management with sales forecast reports brings additional benefits. It enables the sales team to fine-tune their selling strategies. Teams can also predict future sales growth according to their pipeline of potential deals. CRM sales forecasting is indeed, an imperative part of the business armory that will help a company to function. They can then serve customers in a better way.

Here are 9 reasons why your business needs a sales forecasting CRM:

  1. Compels the investors

Whether you are a startup or an established setup, you are always in need of some entities to sponsor your business activities. A well-established and detailed sales prediction supported by market trends will help you to convince investors about the lucrative potentials of your business. Also, you can persuade them that this will turn out to be a favorable decision for them.

  1. Helps to assess demands

CRM will allow you to get a good estimate of the demand for products you sell. Sales team on the frontline can analyze how the customer demands are changing and what they expect from the company. They can relay those objectives to production teams which will then start working on meeting those objectives.

  1. Exercises control over business expenses

Forecasting sales for the future help the business to estimate budgets, providing them with a reliable figure with which they can compare. Constant comparison with budget forecast ensures that they do not stray away from the track and achieve their goals. Having good forecast info also provides business the ability to explore possibilities that will increase their net income and revenues. Not every business can afford to establish an advanced sales forecasting CRM. But, many platforms like Salesmate are helping out businesses to tackle their forecasting.

  1. Supply chain management

Just-in-time is quite a simple idea and one that is relevant in modern supply chain management. Through this method, a company cuts down the costs by reducing the number of materials and goods they keep in stock. As you get to know what demands are coming ahead, you can exercise better control over your supply chain management.

  1. Increases OTIF deliveries

The whole purpose of sales forecasting CRM is to predict future product trends.  Your business can achieve higher rates of on-time and in-full delivery if your predictions are on point. Information obtained from sales forecasting makes it possible for companies to manufacture enough number of items and deliver them on a timely basis. It results in fewer complaints and happier customers.

  1. Assists with hiring decisions

A business is always in need of salespeople on board. The workforce has to be strong if it is willing to make a mark in the industry and there are many factors to judge the strength of human resources. It also requires that the workforce must have a certain skill set and experience that will enable them to function in the company.

Sales forecasting CRM will allow your agency to judge the skills requiredfor operations and the number of people needed. Then they can proceed with hiring decisions. Not only this, but revenue forecasting also helps to calculate how much a company has to pay to its employees.

  1. Improves strategic planning

Everything in business is about the way they plan their strategies. It is all about how the company sets priorities and strengthen its operations. It also looks into their focus on resources, ensures that everyone is working in the same direction and adjusts the track according to market modifications. The lifeblood ofall these plans is sales. Sales forecasting facilitates in strategic planning and notifies you when circumstances are suitable so you can proceed with the execution of those plans. Realization of the next best investment opportunity makes it possible to reap the loftiest benefits.

  1. Constant improvement

It is inevitable that every business seeks a higher position in the future and several factors contribute to it. Revising production process and anticipating future sales are two such factors that will improve all aspects of the business. The sales CRM works out the latter. It allows the business to have a good grasp on the projected production rates.

Forecasting sales can help a business to better manage their production scheduling by preventing the loopholes that can lead to lost sales. The company can identify its potential downtimes and busy days. It helps them to cut their losses and elevate their revenue by sorting out the production tasks. One way to deal with hectic production schedule is to build inventory during sluggish periods.

  1. Builds a connection with customers

Customer insight is one of the greatest benefits of sales forecasting CRM. Analyzing the customer patterns and sales data will help a business to predict the behavior of their customers towards their product.As they get to know their customers better, they can proceed to prepare the team. This leads to a focused advertisement and apt products. Additionally, customer feedback makes you understand the price they are willing to pay so you can refresh your pricing strategies.

To sum up, the benefits of sales forecasting CRM do not stay limited to budgeting and scheduling. It also affects decision-making and strategic planning of the company. Considering the fact that a company’s future success and growth depends upon a thoughtful sales forecasting strategy, one must ensure that they optimize forecasting procedure. Using advanced tools and methods brings accurate numbers making a business ready for the future.

Author Bio:

About Michelle Joe: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on twitter: @michellejoe524

Suggestions Ideal for Finding the Best Binary Options Agents

With the potential of earning lots of money, Binary options trading has taken off in a big way all around the world. From a number of Binary options brokers, we have about countless them available currently. You will end up entrusting your money to an agent to carry on the trade. Hence, it is vital for you that you identify the best Binary options brokers from the other small and unreliable ones.

Following a few essential tricks for narrowing down your search to the best Binary options agents:

Select a regulated broker:

A regulated broker these days is the one that has obtained a license and is governed by the concerned regulatory authority. The process of choosing a regulated Binary options broker will benefit you in many ways such as payment protection in the event of the broker’s insolvency, proper consumption of funds and the authenticity of the contracts.


Presently there are some brokers who prohibit US investors from trading in Binary options contracts. If you are a US investor, you will want to check this first before going forward to evaluate the agent on other parameters.

Monitor Record:

Select a broker with at least one year of reputable dealings. Avoid opting for new brokers. The more experienced the agent, the higher will be the credibility as it has been able to survive in this industry.


Before selecting any broker, make sure to check the consumer reviews/ complaints which will give a fair idea of the reputation of the broker. Pick the broker that has good reviews and fewer complaints.

Number of Available Options:

There are a number of option variants including 60 seconds options in which the option expires after every one minute or a single Touch Binary option by which you have to anticipate whether the asset price will at least once cross a pre-determined price during the life of the option. Brokers offering a higher number of option variants are beneficial as it opens up more earning opportunities.

Consumer Interface:

Since all your dealings will be online, become familiar with the user interface of the broker’s website. User-friendly and navigate user interface will simplify things and guide you in taking investment judgments easily.

Higher Payouts:

Higher payout means lower commission to the brokers and the obviously higher share of profits to you. Most brokers generally offer 80 to 85% payout in the event the option is ‘in the money.’ Some agents provide 10 to 15% payout set up option is out of the money. Choose brokers with favorable payouts.

Financial options: Since derivative contracts are all about ‘timing’ it is essential that the broker offers you fast and a variety of down payment and withdrawal options.

Consumer Service:

Fast customer service is a significant advantage for a beginner trader. Test the broker’s customer care with specific pre-account opening queries. Also, a demo account proposed by a broker reflects its importance on superior customer experience.

It is vital that you spend some time choosing your broker. The above checklist can help you decide among the best Binary options brokers in the industry currently.

Small Business Loan for Retailers

Small Retailers have a tricky business to run, one the one hand they need to have all possible stocks and sizes of popular brands that their customers might come calling for and on the other hand they have to place those orders with the distributors and manufacturing corporations and to earn margin they need to place orders in bulk as that’s where the multinationals and distributors offer better discounts. However, it takes time to liquidate those stocks and the end consumers take their own time to buy the goods. This creates a working capital gap and retailers need to pump in funds from outside to plug in this gap.

The options the retailers have to raise this money are limited. Borrowing from friends and family is a risky affair as it puts the relationships on the brink of danger and you would never wish to do that, the other option is to borrow money from local lenders. However, they charge astronomical interest rates which eventually makes it a loss making deal. Thus, the best option that the retailers have is to go for a small business loan in the name of retailer financing.

The Traditional lenders offer the small business loans to the retailers. However it comes with several problems. Firstly, they ask for collaterals in the form of pledging their home or shop premises to the lenders and quite often the small retailers do not have a owned property. Secondly, the traditional lenders ask for multiple documentations in the form of income tax returns and so on which is again a challenge for the small retailers to get the retailer financing. Thirdly, even if the small retailers qualify for retailer financing with the traditional lenders they take a lot of time in processing the small business loan applications, it takes weeks and often even months to process the applications, which defeats the entire process of applying for the small business loans.

This is where the digital lenders have proven to be a boon for the small retailers as they have revolutionized the way in which small retailers can get access to retailer financing. Unlike the traditional lenders who ask for collaterals and multiple documents to process a retailer financing application, the digital lenders look at the business transactions on the basis of which they analyze the creditworthiness of the small retailers which results is unsecured small business loans. The digital lenders look at the digital trace of transactions and in the case of small retailers they look at the transactions made against the card swipe machine and the digital wallets to get an understanding of the business patterns and cycle. Thus, the small retailers can get easy retailer financing basis their transactions against the card swipe machine and the payment wallets.

Indifi is a leading digital lender which has a specialized retailer financing product and they analyze the creditworthiness of small retailers on the basis of their digital transactions like payment wallets and card swipe machines. The process for getting this small business loan is really simple for the small retailers. They just have to fill a quick and simple online form with KYC and basic business details, Indifi then fetches the public data and analyzes the transactions against the card swipe machine and payment gateways, this analyzing and underwriting is an absolutely automated process and unlike the traditional lenders which take weeks to analyze at Indifi it is almost real time and the small retailers can get a decision on their retailer financing as early as within 24 hours.

Indifi also offers the flexible loan repayment options to the small retailers which means they can simply connect their repayment to transactions whereby the small amount gets debited against the transactions which eliminates the need of paying EMIs as repays the small business loan automatically, Indifi also offers other options like monthly, weekly and fortnightly installments as per the need of the small retailers. There is no prepayment penalty and managing loan applications is simple on the fast mobile app.

Thus, if you are a small retailer looking for retailer financing, the digital lenders are the best option you have to get your small business loans and Indifi is the leading digital lender that offers special product and small business loans up to INR 50 Lacs for the small retailers.

Earnings date AAPL: Avail quick access

Stock market investors are needed to know about the significance of earnings release date or earnings date. Earnings announcement, in simple terms is regarded to be official profitability statement for specific time period, which is usually for a year or quarter of a particular company. Expected Earnings per share (EPS) is suggested by the report. It is for this reason, that the earning date is the much awaited by investors, who are eager to come up with the most appropriate stock trading strategies and techniques. Apple earnings date is undoubtedly the most awaited in the current stock market.

Being updated with earnings Apple date

With regards to stock earning calendar, AAPL is considered to be the symbol provided to Apple Inc. therefore, to derive earnings date AAPL, there is no need for the investors to undertake extensive research, as several online platforms are present that can offer similar information with the click of the button. These online platforms are being relied upon by countless of investors to gather knowledge about earnings release date by different companies, including Apple. Company’s crucial financial information is provided in the earnings report like net income, revenue, earnings per share, net sales, etc.

Money being on the line

Apple Inc. shareholders and investors are likely to have great interest to know about the company’s overall performance during full years’ quarter year period as money is said to be on the line. Potential investors also can know from the report about the company’s performance. It is crucial information that shareholders and investors are to derive, so as to take correct and the most approximate decisions at the correct time, as well as sell or buy shares. It is without doubt that selling of buying Apple shares becomes much easier at a hefty price by using such reports.

Not missing out on earning dates

The reports also ensure that investors and shareholders do not miss out on the earning dates. Rather, the person by using this report can become the first one to be fully aware about the company’s performance and market situation. Now, it is possible for anyone to register with a well established online earnings platform boasting of having 10,000s of investor members receiving weekly and daily updates on earnings report. The earning dates will be sent through the mail and hence, there arises no chances to miss out on them for any reason. With smartphones, laptops and computers connected to high speed internet providing email solutions, Apple earnings date can now be derived instantly and without any hassle or trouble.

Choose a reliable online platform

Although there are present numerous online platforms which do offer information on earnings dates, not all of them are really dependable. The company that offers dates with predicted move and boasts of having huge number of active members should be relied upon. Several online platforms are said to hire professional market expert team having in-depth knowledge of the domain to provide members with useful and reliable predicted moves.

Individual civil liberties in situation of Fraudulence on Minority Members

Primarily, words Fraudulence on Minority Members appears to be rather unfavorable. It is thought that scams is not the pertinent as well as appropriate word to utilize below nonetheless the legal needs of its use in company feeling. The word fraudulence in business feeling is specified as:

Misuse of the powers by the individual( s) in charge of business events of business or usually are in control of the firm of company incorporation hk.

Despite of the truth that various ramifications are enforced for the workout of individual legal rights after obtaining out of the concern of just how to open up a firm in HK however typically it is assumed and also taken into consideration that minority participant can conjure up individual activities as per the basic regulation for the circumstances where bulk participants apparently acted for the mis-conduct as well as fraudulence on the minority participants. Typically talking participants are not thought about as fiduciary in the direction of purchases with each various other neither they owe any kind of type of fiduciary tasks to various other fellow participants of them and also hence prima facie permitted to elect for their individual rate of interest at basic conference in a firm consolidation Hong Kong. The concept which considers to restrict participants from changing the posts of the firm, other than of the truth where issue is assumed to bona fide for the firm, must be seen in the broader range of teaching of scams on minority which mostly concentrates on the limitation or restraining of powers of the bulk participants.

For the instance of Hiew Fook Siong, Court of First Circumstances approved the concept that investors are not usually fiduciaries as well as for this reason owes no fiduciary obligations to the Hong Kong firm facility as well as hence on these premises it is not a need of the participant to act bona fide for the firm as well as in the ideal passion of the firm. Lawful analysts states this choice to be properly feasible as well as nice since it is not the lawful right neither the authority of the supervisor to continue to be in workplace as long as they want, neither they are enabled to determine that to be stay supervisor of the firm and also whom to be eliminated from directorship, as these are the genuine powers and also solemnity of the basic powers to make a decision for such issues.

For the instance of SunlinkInt l Holdings Ltd, Harris J approved that fair restriction on the powers of bulk is fairly reputable and also enriched with feeling and also for such circumstance, court has the lawful standing to interfere in the issue as well as limit certain investor( s) to ensure that the affirmed individual do not wreck financial standing neither the company solemnity of the minority or any type of various other investor for no sensible factor, by his/her workout of ballot. For the exact same instance, Court bought order to limit bulk participant or investor where the affirmed individual via his ballot right considers to infuse funding of the business which remains in liquidation as well as therefore such act of resistance from the claimed investor would ultimately trigger business to be de-listed from the stock market as well as henceforth such workout of ballots by the supposed investor would certainly disable firm to get the last practical and also suitable saving choice.

Personal Legal Rights of the Participant based on Law

After addressing the inquiry of just how to begin a business in Hong Kong, there are countless arrangement as well as regulations which presents unique as well as legal civil liberties to the participant( s) of a Hong Kong firm facility as well as such legal rights of the participant( s) are:

* Participant( s) can limit firm from such act which totals up to the conflict of items of business s posts as well as would certainly allow it to work out those powers which are not specified in business s constitution.

* Participant( s) deserves to check firm s document as well as if because of any type of factor they are not enabled to exercise their such right, they me look for the aid of court to enable them to check business s document.

* Participant( s) can obtain firm s annual report or monetary declarations

* For the situations where firm is being ending up or regards to be ended up, participant( s) deserves to relate to court as petitioner to consider him or her as the contributing to the ending up of the business.

In recommendation to the prior civil liberties, participant has the right as well as therefore qualified to the enforcement of these legal rights as well as if due to any kind of factor they are not offered these civil liberties after that participant( s) will be thought about qualified to look for court s assist to give him or her these legal rights, no matter of what bulk participants choose as well as will certainly of bulk investors. For the conditions where passed resolution considers to revoke the legal rights of the participants as well as drops within the territory of offense of the legal rights of the participant such as the right of the participant via which he or she can require for the holding of survey at the basic conference of start up company hongkong.

6 Metrics To Measure A Successful Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools that a business can use to generate new leads and maintain engagement with current clients. This is the reason why entrepreneurs spend so much time and money on their campaigns, and why it continues to be popular among both small and established businesses. If you hold email marketing in the same regard, you undoubtedly want to make sure that your business can benefit from it. And if you need help with that, here are six metrics that you can use to assess how your campaign is doing.

Deliverability: The deliverability or delivery rate refers to the speed with which your email marketing campaign can reach your intended recipients. A good benchmark for this is around 97%; companies that promise one hundred percent deliverability are not entirely truthful, and those that deliver only around 90% need to pick up the slack. Work with an email marketing system provider that works fast but works effectively.

Click-through:  Click-through metrics tell you which links have been opened, how many of them were opened, and which actions were taken. As such, they are very important to assess the current effectiveness of your marketing strategy, and they can help inform you on what you need to do better, what you need to stop and what else you can do to drive engagement. Many email marketing systems also generate data for non-clickers, so take the time to analyze this data as well.

Conversion:  It’s not enough that you deliver your email to your audience, and that they clicked on it. A truly successful campaign is one that has prompted an email reader to take the action that you want, which is to close a sale. Spend plenty of time looking into your campaign’s conversion rate, as this is going to be instrumental to your business profit.

Bounce rate:  This is another metric that requires your analysis; bounce rate measures the number of emails that were not successfully delivered to your intended audience. There are two kinds of bounces: hard bounce, and soft bounce. The former happens when you tried to send your email to an invalid email address, while the latter happens when your email was not delivered to a valid email address because of issues typically associated with the recipient’s server.

Unsubscribe rate:  Nobody wants to have to deal with knowing just how many of your subscribers asked to stop receiving emails from you, but it is integral that you monitor this, too. The unsubscribe rate can help you better strategize so that you can time your email frequency, design your content, and craft your marketing more effectively. Learn to read between the numbers, so that you can improve your potential for returns.

ROI:  Speaking of returns, your overall return on investment must be determined. You can make use of many tools that track values from various types of revenues, and compare cost vs benefits from each of them. In this way, you can see which channels are suffering, which channels need a boost, and which channels are doing well.

Finally, run a good system. A successful email marketing campaign will be wasted if your business policies and practices make it hard for your clients to support your products or services. You should always look into making it convenient for your customers to choose your business; for instance, if you’re offering a service, you can make use of the online scheduling app that makes it easy for customers to book the service that they need right on your website. Also, train your team to provide excellent customer service and deliver a positive customer experience.

Author Bio

Raul H. Powell is the content developer and freelance writer. He writes a lot of article on his carrier. Last one year he is working with Appointment Care as a content developer and a writer. He has an expertise on writing an article on various types of online tutorial. He also wants to promote such kind of work to develop the skill.

What are good apps to track locations of mobile employees of an enterprise?

Tracking mobile members of the team is an important part of making sure they are managed as effectively ad the rest of the team. Managing employees isn’t all about keeping them in check. It is about knowing their inputs and being able to support their growth and development. So, an app that allows your mobile team to check in when they start work, and one that will track their location at work, is a great idea. After all, you are paying their wages, so want to know that they are producing the goods.

And the best of these apps on the market today is SINC Free Employee Time Clock. This is the ultimate app that tracks the location of your mobile employees to –

  • Track their movements in work
  • Produce payroll
  • Keep them safe

Knowing where your team are will help you to support their role in all of these ways.


We all know that mobile staff have a certain degree of freedom with their work. And tracking doesn’t completely remove this. There is still that level of trust between employer and employee. But what this does is add an extra level of accountability to their role. Just doing enough to hit sales targets is a thing of the past with an app like SINC.


Let’s be honest – payroll can be a real drag with mobile teams. Having them send reports of their time uses up precious hours in your week. How about having this automated? SINC – Time Clock does all of this processing for you, so you can relax knowing this is taken care of and will leave you extra time to delight your customers or work on your business.


We should never underestimate this side of the business. SINC has the added functionality that your mobile team can report any incidents or problems to keep them safe. Along with the fact that you can see their movements, this allows you to protect the people in your care.

5 easy and powerful Excel functions that maybe they did not know

We all know that Excel is full of tons of powerful functions, formula libraries, and interesting tables galleries, which makes it one of the most useful tools for business analysts. I believe that, among Excel’s great secrets, there are some that are easy to use and that can add value to your work. Let’s see these functions, which I like to call ripe fruit, which include Sparklines, Conditional Format, Cutters and some simple but useful formulas that may not have been discovered.


Sparklines, presented for the first time in Excel 2010, are tables that provide a simple visualization of the representation of trends through a row of your data, in a simple cell of the spreadsheet. Sparklines offers excellent space savings on jammed spreadsheets and can be quite intuitive for the amount of space used. This feature is incredibly fascinating and very easy to use. However, not many analysts take advantage of these small and powerful tables.

To create your own Sparklines, select the range of data and on the ribbon click on Insert and then select the type of Sparklines, Line, Column or Win / Loss. Next, insert the range where you want the Sparkline to be displayed. That’s all there is to do.

Conditional format

The options available in the Conditional Format function allow them to quickly create indicator maps and convert a data table into a continuous spectrum of colors for a deep visual analysis. This is a simple and effective way to explore your data and find interesting patterns.

Below is a map of indicators where the color scale option was applied literally in ten seconds from the same sales data used in the Sparklines example above, to illustrate the large (dark green) and low (white) Sales data through products and time.

To create the map with the help of the Conditional Format, select the raw data and then, in the ribbon below the Main Menu , click on Conditional Format> Color Scale and then select a color scale. You can also adjust the color options by just editing the format rule.

SMALL and BIG functions

While everyone knows MAX and MIN functions, very few take advantage of the BIG and SMALL functions that help them find the first, second or largest (or smallest) value in their data.

With the help of the same sales data as in the examples above, the GRANDE functions allow us to quickly identify the maximum of two products for each month in our data. See the examples below, already finished with the help of INDEX and MATCH, two other super useful functions to analyze.

Remove duplicates

There are many constants in corporate life and cleaning and organizing data is one of them. Removing Duplicates, is a feature presented in Excel 2007, remains one of my favorites. It is very easy to use and solves an important problem that we all face, duplicate data.

Just select the data and then, on the ribbon below Data , click on the Duplicate Remover button , and see how Excel cleans your data. It’s that easy.


Imagine the Cutters as visual filters that help to reduce the subsets of data, and visualize them (even in raw data formats or through a connected table). The Cutters were presented in Excel 2010 and became even better in Excel 2013.

For example, we can create an interactive graphic of trends quickly with the help of the cutters. When presenting the sales data, we can now alternate between different products with the help of the same table.

To add a cutter in your Excel 2013 tables, select the range of data you want to use as a filter. For the example above, we choose the Product column. After everything is ready!

To play with the interactive table and see more of this technique, you can Download  Microsoft Excel.

CRM for Sales Department

Increase in revenue is directly connected with management and control of the sales department. To make a work of employees in the public eye, and the head could operate effectively process and correct it, sales force automation is necessary.

The needs for CRM for sales department arise when the owner and heads begin to realize the next 4 moments:

  1. when processing of the arriving flow of applications leads there is no system of registration so addresses begin to be lost;
    2. the tasks set according to transactions aren’t carried out or carried out with a delay as a result of forgetfulness of managers;
    3. in conflict situations with buyers and sellers it is impossible to listen to record of telephone conversation;
    4. it is impossible to trace statistics on the made actions of employees: quantity of calls and their duration.

These 4 complexities arising at a certain stage of development of business are just first triggers. Actually, to introduce Customer Relationship Management System for department, you shouldn’t even wait for them. It is very local approach.

Customer Relationship Management System for sales department is very powerful tool and leads to increase in revenue. The effect of her introduction averages 30%.
Customer Relationship Management System for department solves 3 global purposes.


And also growth of loyalty of regular customers. It occurs due to the maximum working off of base. Clever software just won’t allow to forget about the transaction and will save information on all contacts on the application. The correct control allows one manager to work along with 400 clients and promotes growth of a turn, at least, for 30%.


Many processes have to be automated: lead generation and starting transactions on each application, distribution of leads, correspondence, sending accounts/offers, etc. Customer Relationship Management System for department carries out all this with ease. It will signal to the head if the task of the transaction “has hanged” at any stage, will send a reminder to the buyer on behalf of the seller, will promote creation of wow-effect when tells the employee that the recipient has opened the letter and now it is a high time to call him.

How and Where to Buy Gold Coins

Gold is one of mankind’s longest-living assets and there’s nothing like the feeling of holding it in your hands. Owning gold coins is a very popular way of investing as it has a number of advantages, as well as being a natural hedge against the stock market. If you’re new to this form of investment, this article will help you decide how and where to buy them. With these simple guidelines you’ll be ready to get in touch with Indigo Precious Metals and make your first purchase.

The Best Places to Buy Gold Coins

Most gold coin purchases are made at a local coin shop or online. You’re likely to get a better price if you buy online even if you allow for shipping costs. This is because the overheads of a bricks and mortar shop are going to be much higher. However, both options have their pros and cons.

Online Dealers

The risk with this option is that you have to pay upfront. It’s then all down to trust that you’ll get what you paid for. Choose a well-established dealer, such as Indigo Precious Metals, and this won’t be a problem. The advantage of buying online is that prices tend to be cheaper. You may also find you have a wider selection of gold coins to choose from.

Local Dealer

When you buy from a local dealer you are able to walk out of the shop with your purchase straightaway. There are no shipping or insurance fees and privacy is better. The downside of this type of purchase is that premiums will often be higher when buying and lower when selling. A local dealer will usually have a very limited choice.

Factors to Bear in Mind When Making Your Purchase

When looking to buy gold coins there are several factors you need to bear in mind. To start with you should compare prices. However, price is not the only consideration to bear in mind. Other things to consider include:

  • Variety of payment methods
  • Total cost including commission, shipping, insurance and payment fees
  • Does the dealer have a good reputation?
  • Is there a buyback policy?
  • Is there a returns policy?

Aside from a local dealer and online, there are a few more places you can buy gold coins. TV shopping channels often have ads, but these are usually a more expensive way to buy. eBay is another option and many people find it very convenient and shipping is often free. Coin shows is another option worth mentioning. However, these types of shows tend to focus more on collectable gold coins rather than bullion.