6 Metrics To Measure A Successful Email Campaign

6 Metrics To Measure A Successful Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools that a business can use to generate new leads and maintain engagement with current clients. This is the reason why entrepreneurs spend so much time and money on their campaigns, and why it continues to be popular among both small and established businesses. If you hold email marketing in the same regard, you undoubtedly want to make sure that your business can benefit from it. And if you need help with that, here are six metrics that you can use to assess how your campaign is doing.

Deliverability: The deliverability or delivery rate refers to the speed with which your email marketing campaign can reach your intended recipients. A good benchmark for this is around 97%; companies that promise one hundred percent deliverability are not entirely truthful, and those that deliver only around 90% need to pick up the slack. Work with an email marketing system provider that works fast but works effectively.

Click-through:  Click-through metrics tell you which links have been opened, how many of them were opened, and which actions were taken. As such, they are very important to assess the current effectiveness of your marketing strategy, and they can help inform you on what you need to do better, what you need to stop and what else you can do to drive engagement. Many email marketing systems also generate data for non-clickers, so take the time to analyze this data as well.

Conversion:  It’s not enough that you deliver your email to your audience, and that they clicked on it. A truly successful campaign is one that has prompted an email reader to take the action that you want, which is to close a sale. Spend plenty of time looking into your campaign’s conversion rate, as this is going to be instrumental to your business profit.

Bounce rate:  This is another metric that requires your analysis; bounce rate measures the number of emails that were not successfully delivered to your intended audience. There are two kinds of bounces: hard bounce, and soft bounce. The former happens when you tried to send your email to an invalid email address, while the latter happens when your email was not delivered to a valid email address because of issues typically associated with the recipient’s server.

Unsubscribe rate:  Nobody wants to have to deal with knowing just how many of your subscribers asked to stop receiving emails from you, but it is integral that you monitor this, too. The unsubscribe rate can help you better strategize so that you can time your email frequency, design your content, and craft your marketing more effectively. Learn to read between the numbers, so that you can improve your potential for returns.

ROI:  Speaking of returns, your overall return on investment must be determined. You can make use of many tools that track values from various types of revenues, and compare cost vs benefits from each of them. In this way, you can see which channels are suffering, which channels need a boost, and which channels are doing well.

Finally, run a good system. A successful email marketing campaign will be wasted if your business policies and practices make it hard for your clients to support your products or services. You should always look into making it convenient for your customers to choose your business; for instance, if you’re offering a service, you can make use of the online scheduling app that makes it easy for customers to book the service that they need right on your website. Also, train your team to provide excellent customer service and deliver a positive customer experience.

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