Selecting a marble cutter online

Marble is a material found in India in ample amount. A vast business has been established in a stone industry where marble cutting forms a major part of the job. Marble though looking hard has components mineral such that it is quite from inside thus making it tricky to work on marble. Thus specific marble tools are required for marble cutting and shaping. This work is to be done by thorough professionals experienced in using such power tools. Any caution ignored in working over marble would result in the calamitous result for the marble or the person performing the job on it.

The tool:

It is best buy marble cutter after checking that one’s every requirement is meant as there are different types of marble cutter present in the market. With the advent of the internet, the range and variety of products available for performing marble cutting have increased dramatically. One has a wide range of options select from depending upon various factors such as mode of operation, power source, size of marble piece to be cut, kind of shape to be given on the marble, etc. Thus, one has to be sure while buying a marble cutter that all his requirements are met, or he would end up buying a wrong tool or end up paying more than what was required for his required job.

How to get the right tool?

There is a number of online sellers who deal in marble cutting tools. For a buyer buying online marble cutter is easy if he knows what has to buy, things he has to take into account are simple but necessary. A marble cutting tool comes in different size and different range, the kind of insulation it has. It is up to the customer to select a compact tool or a robust depending upon the kind of work he needs to perform.

Another thing to keep in mind while buying a marble cutter online is the kind of motor on which it operates, what is its load speeds,  number of power phase it requires to work, its wheel diameter, current on which it operates and its power consumption. If a person is sure of this kind of specification which he requires it is easy for one to decide the product which he would require making it easier for him to choose a product from all the available products in the online as well as the offline market.

The customer has to be careful of one thing while buying any product online, not just marble cutter that is whether the seller is genuine. Firstly he has to look for a genuine product from a reputed brand then compare prices on different e-selling sites, check out the mode of payment whether he is comfortable in paying for the product in advance or he would love to pay cash on delivery. There are also options of exchange where one can exchange the old product for a new one reducing the payment he needs to pay for. One also has to check whether the seller delivers the product to the buyer’s area. Only after checking these entire aspects one can buy marble cutter online

Payday loans near me: get cash faster than you can think

With the development of human beings, many things have changed, including the nutrient we consume, the clothes we wear, the civilization that we follow, the trading systems that existed. But one thing that persists is the demand for money. Money has become a basic necessity in our routine life. Without money our value is nil. Only the question is do we all have adequate money for our needs?The answer is No. This is when we borrow money, stand in queues, walk up and down for sanctioning the loan sum.

Why Payday Loans?

If you require a loan from a bank you must hold an asset that will help you secure a loan.Full credit is taken as no one’s going to yield you money knowing that you can’t return.Even after presenting all the documents correct you will have problems for sanctioning the amount that you want.This process takes time. What if you are overtaken in an emergency situation? What if you don’t have a good credit? Are you afraid that your bad credit may ruin you?

That’s when Payday loans come in handy. No matter what situation you are in there is a guaranteed personal loans for bad credit.


  • Best loan packages for you
  • A quick and convenient way for loans
  • Highly confidential transactions
  • Soft and safe process
  • Guaranteed personal loans for bad credit

How to access the Payday loans near me?

First be clear on what you are going to do and why you ask it.Though these loans seem quicker it may end you trapped because of its high-involvement rates and must be paid in a single full installment. So consider the amount you are in need of and the idea of repaying it with your income so that you aren’t trapped.

There are various ways you can reach out for the payday loans which includes

  1. Matching services
  2. Loan brokers and financial consultants
  3. Online direct providers of payday loans
  4. Cash stores

Loan brokers and bad credit

Your credit report and score take into consideration when you are availing of a loan from banks, but as said before if you prolong a bad credit, payday loans near me -the best way.Bad credit has been a common scenario for most of your lifetime.This won’t spoil your dreams, simply establish your imagination by providing you monetary loans even with bad credits.

Whom to trust as a direct provider?

Direct payday loans don’t have a middleman who carries details. Having a broker who’s going to help you is time and money consuming as the brokers will charge additionally. In lodge to avoid these circumstances, it’s more beneficial to work for a direct payday loan provider who will count and assess the necessary values and pursuits.

In order to sum up, payday loans near me come in handy and safe only if you avail a loan knowing all About it.

What to look for when choosing video chat application for business meetings?

There are a number of companies all over the world that make use of group video chat apps in order to interact with their employees. Certain companies pay for premium applications to assure best group video chat experience. They give you a chance to connect with your employees independent of location and organize meetings more conveniently. If you are also looking to invest in it, there are certain things that you should look for in an app. Here, we are going to list some critical points that you should consider when choosing a video chat application for your meetings and webinars.

Audio video quality

Quality matters and when it is about making business conferences then it is even more critical for you. Companies want to be certain that each and every single person that is a part of that meeting or webinar get to hear every word clearly. They want the videos to be crystal clear as it won’t only help in giving the best experience but also assures that things are conveyed in appropriate manner.

File and screen sharing

In meetings, there are instances when you will look forward to share files with people. Moreover, certain people also share the computer screens to show their employees certain processes or teach them about the ways with which they have to tackle with work. So, the file and screen sharing feature is critical for your online meetings and you should always choose an app that provide these options to you.

Explanation screen or whiteboard

Most of the time the meeting rooms have some sort of whiteboards or explanation screens where you may brainstorm the ideas or make some charts and graphs to evaluate a particular process. Well, what about having it in your virtual meeting? There are some apps like exTalk that provides you a chance to have explanatory whiteboard along which you can set up and use it as you do in any meeting room.

Meeting control

Meeting control matters and there are instances when you, being an organizer, may want to mute the microphones and allow a certain person to talk so that no other can interrupt. So, a decent meeting control should be there for you to assure that everything is kept under control and you have all the authority over who can speak and you can make it certain that speaker does not exceed the specified time to keep meeting time bound.

Direct messaging

There are times when you might have to send direct instructions to a certain individual so for that the direct messaging option must be present. Never overlook it as it is helpful when sending particular commands to a specific person.

You may use the video chat apps free or might opt for premium ones but these are certain things that you should never oversee in your selection.


Term insurance plans are the simplest plans for financial safety and can help your family meet its financial requirements in your absence. Online best term insurance plan offers peace of mind with reasonable premiums and a life cover that you can select depending on your family’s lifestyle and financial needs.


The easiest and the best term insurance plans are the ones that are bought online. There are a few of these benefits that are listed below:

  1. Cost efficiency: There is tremendous cost saving when insurance is bought online. This is because the customer buys directly from the insurer, thus saving the commission or the distributer’s margin.
  2. Informed choice: There are several websites that provide help in buying insurance online. These websites ( offer the comparison between different policies across companies. Also, there are comments and reviews by other users of the systems that make the choice of buying easier.
  3. Automated checking: The online platform is not limited to sale. It is a fast and well-organized servicing method. Most people are not used to working online, but the automatic checking feature provides a secure gateway for them.
  4. Paper-Free: Unlike the outdated systems of buying policies, the online way is the best approach. The paper-free way is beneficial and secure. It is also environmentally friendly.



Max Life Online Term Plan is one of the simplest and the best online term insurance plans that offer only death benefits. Anyone in the age group of 18-60 years can buy this plan and select the term in the range of 10-50 years with the expiry of the plan capped at 85 years of age. If you’re a non-smoker, you can avail discounts. You can also avail lesser premiums if you decide to go for a higher coverage amount. You can obtain a sum assured starting from Rs. 25 lakhs up to an extreme of Rs. 100 crores.


HDFC Life Click2Protect 3D Plus Plan (HDFC Life C2PP) is an online term insurance plan that offers you a sum assured of Rs. 10 lakhs to begin with. There is no cap on the maximum exposure that you can avail. It has the following options for you:

  • Life Option under which a lump sum amount is paid as deceased benefit.
  • Income Option under which you will be paid 10% of the death benefit at the time of death, and the remaining 90% shall be paid as monthly income over a period of 15 years.


Aegon LifeiTERM offered under this plan provides a critical illness cover by paying 25% of the sum assured at the time of being detected for a critical illness and that too at no extra cost. You can have a minimum sum assured of Rs. 25 lakhs with no cap on the upper limit. You can also decide on a total term of 5 to 62 years with an upper age limit fixed at 100 years.


The distinctive feature of this Plan is that you can buy it either on an individual basis or can have a shared plan with your spouse. In case you buy the joint life option, the sum assured will be paid at the time of the death of one of the insured and the policy continues to be active. If the second insured also dies during the term of the plan, an added sum assured will again be paid to the nominee. You can begin with a sum assured of Rs. 2.5 lakhs with no maximum limit.

Term insurance is cheaper and more affordable when the buyer purchases it online. The most popular company for purchasing term insurance online is shortlisted based on the affordability, brand name, quality of service, ease of buying and customer reviews. Owing to all the above factors, ICICI Prudential is one of the best term insurance plans online.

ICICI Prudential provides an online scheme by name of iProtect Smart. The minimum policy term for the same is 5 years and the maximum is 40 years. It has a claim settlement of 96.20%.

Buy these online best term insurance plans and lead a worry-free and secure life.

How Do Lenders Judge Your Creditworthiness for a Loan or Credit Card?

Applying for a loan or Credit Card can be terrifying for some people as they don’t know whether their application will be approved. However, if you understand how lenders judge potential borrowers’ creditworthiness for a loan or Credit Card, you will be better informed when you actually apply for a loan or card. One of the most important factors that lender take into consideration to judge your creditworthiness is credit score.

Lending institutions check your creditworthiness by viewing your credit score. While they do take into account your monthly income and liabilities to determine your ability to repay the loan amount, it is your credit score that provides lenders with an accurate picture of your creditworthiness.

Hence, if you have a low score, lenders will reject your loan application. Therefore, you have to keep your credit score in mind when you want to apply for a loan. Unfortunately, many borrowers still do not realise the importance of credit rating and a few careless mistakes can wreak havoc with this score.

What is a Credit Bureau?

Credit Bureau (CIBIL, Experian, and others) is the credit information company which is responsible for maintaining records of credit transactions, including loans and Credit Cards, of companies and individuals. These bureaus submit credit records to banks and financial institutions that have a membership with the company. Usually, credit and financial institutions get the records on a monthly basis.

Credit bureaus also issue credit information report or CIR, and credit score for companies and consumers after careful analysis of the data. The report and score allow financial institutions to sieve through loan application. It is prudent to remember that credit score is not the only factor that impacts the approval or rejection of loans or Credit Cards application. Your monthly income, age, existing loan obligations, and other factors also play an important role to define your creditworthiness for approval or rejection of a loan or card.

What is a Credit Score?

Based on your credit transactions, credit bureaus generate a three-digit numeric score that represents your creditworthiness. The score, known as credit score, can range anywhere from 300 to 900. You have already figured it out that the higher the score, the higher your creditworthiness. Typically, you should be aspiring for a credit score between 700 and 900 to make you the ideal candidate for loans and Credit Cards.

Credit bureaus use a mathematical algorithm to generate your credit score taking into account the following:

  • Payment history
  • Your financial liabilities
  • New credit that you avail
  • Types of credit you’ve used in the past
  • Duration of your credit history

If you have a credit score between 750 and 900, banks will view your loan application favourably. However, if your score happens to be less than 600, banks and financial institutions will reject your application for loan or Credit Card.

Importance of Credit Score

Credit score depicts your creditworthiness (whether you are a risk or not) and your ability to repay loans. Anyone with a score of 750 will easily get a loan or Credit card. In other words, the closer your score to 900, the better your chances of getting a loan or card approval. It also puts you better position and gives you a platform to negotiate the interest rate that banks levy on Personal Loans or other loans. Remember, Personal Loans are unsecured loans, and hence, banks charge a higher interest rate.

Your credit score gives a lot of information to lenders. For instance, if you have a score of 0, it indicates that you have less than six months of credit history. On the other hand, if you have a score of -1, it shows that you have no credit history. Scores between 300 and 600 demonstrate that you have a credit history, but you don’t have a good record of repaying your loans and financial liabilities.

Where to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit?

If you are wondering Where to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit, get in touch with the financial experts at MyMoneyMantra. The experts will understand your requirements and then provide you with the best options and also put you across to lenders that offer Personal Loans to individuals with bad credit.

In the meantime, you can also try improving your credit score. Repay your pending loan instalments regularly and make monthly payments on your Credit Card without fail. If you have a low score, it takes time to rebuild it. It means you would have to strive hard to settle your pending dues, and slowly but surely it will reflect on your credit score.

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To apply online for Credit Cards, Secured Loans and Unsecured Loans, visit, the leading online lending marketplace that offers financial products from 60+ Banks and NBFCs. We have served 2 million+ happy customers since 1989.

Talk to our Loan Specialists toll-free at 1800 103 4004 to know more about our products and offers.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Health Insurance Early

Thanks to the fast-paced lifestyle, stress due to hectic schedules, food contamination, pollution, and so on, health is now a major concern in places like India. Moreover, health services in India have also become quite costly, with private healthcare costs being about 4 times that of the public sector. A good way to protect yourself against these rising health costs is to invest in a health insurance policy, and the earlier you do it the better. Here’s why:

  1. The premium will be lower

Your health risk increases with age, which in turn increases your health insurance premium. Therefore, the earlier you buy health insurance, the lower the premium will be. Bajaj Finserv, for example, sells health insurance policies from reputed insurers at comparatively low premiums for the youth. Moreover, if you are continuously covered from a young age, you will be able to avail lower premiums even at later stages of your life.

  1. The waiting periods won’t affect you

Most health insurance policies come with 1-2 year waiting periods for certain benefits, like conducting surgeries, treatment of certain diseases, child birth coverage, etc. When you buy early, you get through these waiting periods when you don’t really need the health coverage. Moreover, when you buy health insurance polices later, say after the age of 60 years, you will have to undergo longer waiting periods, along with not being covered when you need it.

  1. Increase in lifestyle diseases even among the youth

The current lifestyle of most youngsters is hectic and stressful, with a lack of exercise, and unhealthy food habits. Moreover, bad lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking are also on the rise. All this has contributed to an increase in the occurence of lifestyle diseases even among the youth. Thus, buying health insurance early makes a lot of sense.

  1. Your employer cover may not be enough

Most big companies offer their employees a group health insurance cover. However, more often than not, this group coverage will not be enough to protect you from all the health-related costs you are likely to face. Moreover, once you switch companies, corporate policies cease to be in effect, and you don’t know whether, and/or what kind of coverage you’ll get from your new company.

No claim bonus (NCB) for longer

No claim bonuses are offered to you by health insurance companies for every year you go without making a claim on your health insurance policy. If you purchase your policy when you are young and don’t really need the coverage, you can accumulate these NCBs. Moreover, since these bonuses usually add to the sum assured, you can enjoy a higher coverage later, when you actually need the policy.

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Which Celebrating is the Brand Ambassador for 811 Kotak?

Kotak Mahindra Bank has chosen Ranveer Singh as the face of their Kotak 811 plan. The actor is known for his unbeatable energy and this makes him unique. Similarly, 811 is unique. The interest rate of 6% per annum is just one of the many perks of this plan.

In this article, we have tried to parallelly compare the enthusiastic Ranveer Singh with Kotak 811 plan. Let us understand why did the bank choose this actor to be their brand ambassador.

Kotak 811 Account Features That You Don’t Know

Here is the detailed description of Kotak 811 App:

Zero balance account– Open a zero balance account the app and earn an interest rate of 5-6% per annum on your savings with the balance over ₹1 lakh and up to ₹5 crores.

Scan and Pay– Pay for groceries, shopping, tickets, movies and other requirements without cash by just scanning your debit or credit card.

Multi-purpose App- Book movie tickets, flight tickets, shop, subscribe to magazines etc.

Virtual Debit Card Accessibility- You can pay bills or recharge or any other online payments in just a few minutes.

Get Loans and Make Investments- You can also apply for a loan from this app and make investments.

Similarity Between Ranveer Singh and Kotak 811 Plan

Read below some similarities that can be found between Ranveer Singh and Kotak 811 plan

Has no Godfather- Ranveer Singh is among those few talented actors who made the mark in the industry with their passion for acting. Just, just like 811 plan, the actor does not have to maintain any ‘buttering’ relationship with anyone.

Hardworking and Unique- There is no one who denies the fact that the actor is not working. His enthusiasm makes him unique just like the bank’s unbeatable product features.

Most Risk Taking – The actor has experimented with his acting skills a lot. Be it the character of a normal Delhi-boy in his first movie- Band Baaja Baaraat or a villain Allahudin Khilji in Padamavat. Similarly, even though other banks are giving highest rate of 3.50-4% on savings account, Kotak 811 gives 6% per annum.

Broader Options – No matter how much variety has been given to the actors’ character, he is still open to experimenting. Similarly, the bank gives its customers to open a savings account via 811 app along with the option to invest through it.

Let us now see how can you open this account and whether you fit in the eligibility criteria or not.

Kotak 811 Account Opening Online process

You can enjoy all the services and products under kotak 811 account feature plan just like a regular savings account. The online account opening process through a smartphone is as follows:

Download App– You can easily download Kotak 811 app from Google play store and start using it instantly.

Provide Aadhar Number- You need to mention your Aadhar Number as it is required for the registration.

Submit the OTP pin- You need to mention the OTP pin that you get on your registered mobile number for authentication to open the savings account on your mobile.

Eligibility Required to open Kotak 811 Account

The eligibility criteria required for Kotak 811 Account is as follows:

  • Any individual of age 18 years and above can open this account
  • The applicant must be a Resident Indian